I am a father, a racer and a car enthusiast…


I have a loving and supporting family who puts up with my mad desire for cars and motorsport as well as my (at times) failure to balance work and family. I have three lovely children and a great wife who I would be lost without.

Whilst I have had a close relationship with cars and the Porsche brand for many years, I am relatively new to racing. My first season in competitive racing was in 2011, where I spent most of my time finding my limits and getting to know my car. For the last four years I have had great success with team CoolCava Racing. My highlights to date have been:

  • 2014: 7th overall for the season and 3rd in class.
  • 2013: 1st overall for the season and 1st in class.
  • 2012: 2nd overall for the season and 1st in class.
  • 2011: 20th overall for the season.

I hope that next year will be just as successful for both me and the team in the PRCF Sports Cup here in Finland.