Race Report: Race 5 & 6 at Kemora on Saturday 12th of July


  • Race Sponsor: Highgate House
  • Race Event: Porsche SportsCup (PRCF) Race 5 and 6
  • Race Location: Kemora Circuit
  • Date of Event: Saturday 12th of July 2014
  • Weather Race 1: Sunny and +21°C
  • Weather Race 2: Sunny and +26°C
  • Results Race 1: 4th Overall & 2nd in Class
  • Results Race 2: 4th Overall & 2nd in Class

Fast driver vs Fast car!

On Saturday 12th of July I participated in race 5 and 6 in the Porsche SportsCup here in Finland with team CoolCava Racing.


This was my first time to Kemora racing circuit, which is, as it turns out, quite a fun and fast circuit to drive.

It has two quite fast sections linked with a right hand bend, which I am told can be taken at quite high speed. Then there are some interesting turns that separate the fast drivers from the fast cars, and can make for some nice racing, as I quickly discovered.

My participation in the race event at Kemora was funded by my sponsor Highgate House, for which I am extremely grateful. Highgate House has been one of my longest running sponsors, who have been with me from the start.

Highgate House have several years experience in producing the highest quality automotive decals for both worldwide and the UK domestic markets, and have supplied all the vinyl and livery for my racing car to date.

Their products are produced entirely in house from artwork through manufacture, and ultimately to worldwide dispatch. Highgate House use only the highest quality materials, and products are checked frequently throughout the entire production process.


Kemora racing circuit is located approximately 450km north from Helsinki, which is a good 5 hour drive. The team set off from Helsinki on Friday morning giving enough time to get to the circuit and set-up camp before having a relaxing evening and a quick test run of the car.

Saturday morning started hot (by 8:30 we already had +20) and the temperature just increased through the day. Nice to finally get some summer weather here in Finland, so I can not complain, but it did get HOT inside the black Porsche Boxster RSR racing car!


After going through a last quick check on the car, I hit the racing circuit for some practice runs. Pushing it a bit more for each lap as I got more confidant in the circuit and car set-up. In hindsight we should have made some changes to the suspension and rear wing for this circuit, but we will document that for the next time we compete at Kemora.

My best lap time during the morning practice was 1:25.656 which was way to slow compared to other drivers in my class. Based on the published times from the first practice session I had to reduce my lap times by 4 seconds to have any chance. So armed with the Racelogic data acquisition system installed in the Boxster and a laptop, we started to analyse my driving and the car.

After another two sessions out on the circuit and a good amount of data analysis we lined up for the qualification run… All that data crunching and analysis paid off, as I recorded a fastest lap during qualification of 1:21.177 putting me 4th on the starting grid for race start 5 in the Porsche SportsCup – not a bad result!

Both race 5 and 6 had some good action, and I will publish the in-car video from both on YouTube within the next couple of weeks. I took overall 4th and 2nd in class for both race 5 and 6. 1st in class would have been nice, but I am happy with the results and look forward to the next race event which will be the big Porsche Club Festival at Alastaro on 23rd and 24th of August.

I would like to thank all my sponsors for the 2014 season support so far, and Highgate House again for covering the fee for race start 5 and 6.

CoolCavaRacing Motorsports Engineering LT-STUDIO Highgate House

Race Report: Race 3 & 4 at Ahvenisto on Saturday 7th of June


  • Race Sponsor: LT-Studio
  • Race Event: Porsche SportsCup (PRCF) Race 3 and 4
  • Race Location: Ahvenisto Circuit
  • Date of Event: Saturday 07th of June 2014
  • Weather Race 1: Heavy Rain and +16°C
  • Weather Race 2: Light Rain and +19°C
  • Results Race 1: 10th Overall & 2nd in Class
  • Results Race 2: 10th Overall & 2nd in Class

Rain, the great equalizer!

Last weekend I attended race start 2 and 3 in the Porsche SportsCup with team CoolCava Racing at Ahvenisto racing circuit here in Finland, one of the best racing circuits in Finland with tight technical corners and a great elevation change.

LT-STUDIOThis race weekend was funded by my sponsor LT-Studio, a family run business which was established in 2013 specializing in furniture and vehicle paint and finishing. Their great work can be seen on the Porsche Boxster RSR that I race with. Their goal is to make sure that LT-Studio is known for high quality and professional service, as well as an innovative approach for combining classic craftsmanship with the latest technologies available.


Saturday morning started with outstanding weather. The sun was shining and there was clear sky. The temperature fast went up and all was looking good for a great race event.

We spent the early morning getting the car ready and undertaking final checks before hitting the track for warm-up and qualification.

O6V1714We did two warm up runs to get the car and tires up to operating temperature before qualification. Second warm up run I made some good lap times and managed a respectable best lap during qualification of 1:32.909, which gave me a nice grid position just behind the factory GT3 Cup cars for race start 1.


But then it all changed fast!!!

DSC_9922Heavy rain changes everything, and it did this time as well. We changed to wet race wheels and made the relevant adjustments to the suspension, but the circuit was very slippery. We had several drivers crash during the race event.

DSC_0047I completed both race start 3 and 4 with no incidence apart from a spin in race 3, and 2nd in class for both race starts is not to bad…

Current results has me overall 11th in the season with a total of 12 points. Next race will be on 12th of July at Kemora race circuit.

Video from the event and additional pictures will be made available soon, so please check back for updates.

I would like to thank all my sponsors for the 2014 season, and LT-Studio again for covering the fee for race start 3 and 4.

CoolCavaRacing Motorsports Engineering LT-STUDIO Highgate House

All pictures are the property of the photographer who took them – Tero Niemisto and Matti Tilves.

Race Report: Race 1 & 2 at Botniaring on Sunday 18th of May


  • Race Event: Porsche SportsCup (PRCF) Race 1 and 2
  • Race Location: Botniaring Circuit
  • Date of Event: Sunday 18th of May 2014
  • Weather: Sunny and +20°C
  • Results Race 1: DNS
  • Results Race 2: DNS

An interesting start to the 2014 season!

Botniaring is a long way from Helsinki when things do not go to plan! The Porsche Boxster RSR did pull a lot of good attention thanks to the new look and great work done by the boys at LT-Studio, and I got a great chance to promote my sponsors to the people who came to have a closer look at the car during the day.

Unfortunately I did not get the chance to compete in the 2014 season start. I was forced to retire after only two laps into the warm-up session due to technical problems in the transmission that could not be fixed on location.

The car is now back with CCR Motorsports Engineering to get the issues corrected and I hope to be race ready by the time we are scheduled to be at Ahvenisto for race start 3 and 4 on the 7th of June.

CoolCavaRacing Motorsports Engineering LT-STUDIO Highgate House