The need for speed and the racing drug


I was given the chance to write an article for the local Finnish Porsche Club magazine about Team CoolCava Racing and my personal involvement in racing. Now that the article has been published, I figured I would share it here as well.

I am sitting in the airport in Oslo watching the screen with departing flights, a sea of cancelled and new departure times…. It is the end of March and during the night it started to snow, wonderful white snow which transformed Oslo into a fantasy picture ready for a princess story, and it continued to fall long into the afternoon. But all public transportation was stationary and flights were unpredictable, and this in a city that is used to snow? All I wanted was to get back home to my family in Espoo after a long week away, and the flight departure time was slowly moving further into the night…

Sitting at the airport watching the screen of effected flights and slowly coming to terms with the reality that I am here, I am committed and I have one single objective – get home to my family. I started to understand that only a small part of my preparations and actions can impact the end result, and all I can do is react to the events that unfold before me.

This is when I started to realise the connection between my current predicament and any of the PRCF SportsCup race weekends Team CoolCava Racing ( and I so desperately look forward to, a weekend when me and team CoolCava Racing get to play professionals and push our Porsche racing cars and our abilities to the limit (and sometimes past the point of no return!) on a racing circuit with a bunch of likeminded individuals.

People often ask me why I do car racing, and whilst it confuses them regularly I answer “I love and desire the unpredictability within a competitive and controlled environment”. It does not matter how much you test, prepare, investigate and plan, it will be unpredictable – no amount of planning will survive the actual race, this I can promise you! And this is why I love racing – you can control your own actions and reactions to events that unfold, but you cannot control or predict everything. The weather, the other drivers, the environment, it is all outside from your control, and the best you can do is decide at the split moment something happens how to react. And that is where I now sit, in Oslo with a flight that is getting delayed further and further into the night. I have no control of the situation, but full control of my actions and will need to face the outcome that follows – crash, win, survive, or in my current situation, get home to my lovely family.

I can not talk for all that enjoy racing, but I would not be surprised if the unpredictability is not a large part of the adrenalin infused desire they have to return to the battle ground again and again, no matter what.

WP_20150606_11_23_52_ProAs for me, I am an addict and can not consider a life without racing, and this all started – unknown to me at the time – a long time back, when I was a little kid wondering what life was all about at school. I did not at the time understand the impact on my life when my father picked me up from school one day in his new white Porsche 924, and how my life would be changed for ever. I was an impressionable kid struggling with early onset of puberty, and my father had gone and got one of the most sexy cars I lusted after  (ok I wanted a 944, but the 924 was close enough). From that day on my mind was set, I wanted a Porsche and I wanted to be a Porsche racing driver. Amazing how it can take a long time to get from dreams to reality, but here we are, and that brings me to my extended family, team CoolCava Racing and the company behind it.

Team CoolCava Racing was formed off the back of CoolCava Racing Motorsports Engineering a small company that has moved from England to Sweden and finally to Finland with me (Pål Krogdahl). The company has a focus on automotive electronics and data acquisition, but will gladly help any Porsche or racing enthusiast with problems or upgrades if asked. But the core of the company is based on my extensive background and qualifications in electronics and computer engineering.

As for the team, in current configuration, it consists of three drives and a dedicated mechanic. A family of like minded people who will stick together through thick and thin. We have had our good and bad times like all families, but we stand strong and keep going with a common goal – race Porsche cars and have fun.

For the 2015 season, the CoolCava Racing team as already mentioned consists of Drivers Pål Krogdahl, Timo Virkki and Jukka Fiskar. Standing strong behind the drivers and making sure the Porsche racing cars end every race is our mechanic Shardul Gawas. The team has been successful in this configuration for several seasons and apart from the sad departure of team driver Toni Niemelä, who moved to new ventures with another team, we keep fighting successfully for podium results.

Team CoolCava Racing

Pål Krogdahl – Team Principal and Driver

I am a husband, a father and a complete car freak! Ever since I could hold a screwdriver I have had a fascination for cars and motorsport. I have had a relationship with Porsche cars ever since my father purchased a white 924 when I was a little boy, and purchased my first Porsche, a red 944 when I was in my early 20. I started racing in 2012, and look forward to every season even more than the last. (

Timo Virkki – Team Administrator and Driver

Timo lives in Tampere and has 4 years’ experience racing in the Porsche Sports Cup with several cars, including a Porsche 996 GT3 Cup car. At the end of the 2013 season, he decided to take some time out from racing and took the task of acting team administrator. For the 2015 season, Timo is back as a driver and will be racing again!

Jukka Fiskari – Team Driver

Jukka joined the Porsche Sports Cup at the start of the 2013 season where he entered in Team CoolCava Racing Timo Virkki’s old Porsche 996 racing car. From the start of the 2014 season Jukka became an official driver for Team CoolCava Racing.

Shardul Gawas – Chief Mechanic

I joined team CoolCava Racing for the 2013 season and I wish to be with the team for many seasons to come. I have joined the team as the team mechanic. Although I am new in Finland,  am not new to cars. I have been repairing cars since I finished school. I am a great car enthusiast and motorsport follower. I always wanted to be a part of motorsports and so I hope my arrival in CoolCava Racing will bring good technical help and many victories to the team.

My Sponsors for 2015

Whilst we are not a mainstream racing team, we do have a small list of sponsors that support either the full team or individual drivers. We would be lost without them, and as such we would like to thank them for the ongoing support.

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CoolCava Racing Motorsports Engineering

CoolCava Racing Motorsports Engineering is the main partner and owning company of Team CoolCava Racing. A specialised motorsports company based in Espoo focusing on automotive electronics and data acquisition. More about CCR Motorsports Engineering can be found here – and

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The future for Team CoolCava Racing

The Porsche Racing Club Finland SportsCup is club racing at its best, and the good people at PRCF do a great job in making it fun, exiting and above all safe for the drivers and teams. In general we all pack up and load our racing car back on the trailer in the same condition it came off at the start of the race event. This is where team CoolCava Racing belongs, and unless there are large changes in our future, this is where we will stay. There is a good mix of new and regular drivers which makes every race a unique challenge and a fun event.

As a team we will never exclude the ability to aim for something bigger, grander or more professional, but that is not in our current plans – the SportsCup is where we belong.

So, the question is, will we win this season like we did in 2013, who knows? We will give it a good shot! But having fun and living the racing dreams with a good group of friends is the main part – and that is what we love. We wish good luck to all drivers in the 2015 PRCF SportsCup, and look forward to sharing the starting grid with them – let us all have fun and park our car’s on the trailers at the end of the race as they were unloaded.

Good luck to you all in the 2015 season,  and stay safe our Porsche racing friends, from team CoolCava Racing!