Highgate House to give continued support for 2014 in Porsche SportsCup

HighgateHouse_logo_v3Every racing car, driver and team should be easily identified out on the racing circuit and always carry a distinguishing brand which helps the spectators and fans to spot where their favorites are at all times in a race.

Sure, the colour and shape of a car can help, but it is the livery that makes sure that one car stands out from the crowd and can be easily recognized in a race.

From my first season racing Highgate House in the UK have been responsible for my livery design and supplying all the vinyl to make the car stand out, as well as all the great stickers we have available for sale and to give away at every race. And I am happy to announce that Highgate House have decided to continue supporting me for the 2014 season in the Porsche Sports Cup and are currently working with both CoolCava Racing and LT-Studio to design the new livery for my Porsche Boxster racing car.

Highgate House have several years experience in producing the highest quality automotive decals for both worldwide and the UK domestic markets.

Their products are produced entirely in house from artwork through manufacture, and ultimately to worldwide despatch. Highgate House use only the highest quality materials, and products are checked frequently throughout the entire production process.


My day at LT-Studio and their support for the 2014 season

LT-STUDIOTake a drive to Sipoo, not far from Helsinki here in Finland, and down some nice winding roads (perfect for summer driving in a Porsche 911). Eventually you will come to a small industrial estate close to a railway line. Among a number of interesting companies you will find the unit where Liquid Tension Studios are based (Vaahteramäentie 2 B).

From the outside this is an industrial unit just like all the others it is surrounded by, but step through the door and you are in no doubt that this company knows paint and custom body work.

As you step into the large industrial unit the first thing you see is the paint booth in the far left corner of the building. It has been professionally built in, and looks like the building was built round it rather than the booth having just been installed there. On the right as you walk in is the office, and between the spray booth and the office is the body shop – and where my CoolCava Racing Porsche Boxster S was sitting, having come close to completing the RSR conversion that LT-Sudio and CCR Motorsports Engineering have been working on. Heikki the owner of LT-Studio had invited me to come and spend a day there and follow (and maybe assist a bit) the Boxster RSR project. And I must say I was blown away by how good the car looks already!

WP_000433Whilst all work done at LT-Studio is overseen by Heikki, this project has been managed and done by Tuukka, LT-Studio’s composites expert.

When I arrived to LT-Studio in the morning I was greeted by Tuukka in his usual warm but calm and relaxed way, which was quickly transformed into an exited desire to show me the progress on the Boxster and the attention to detail – every panel gap is spot on and I would even go as far as to say better than factory! And considering the RSR fenders on this car are not factory, but fender extensions that Tuukka has painstakingly grafted on – the work is fantastic…  Sure, there is still work to be done, and the paint will need some fine tuning, but the work done so far is outstanding.

After spending some time looking at the car and the detailed attention Tuukka has put in making every panel fit perfectly, I was treated to a cup of coffee and a look round the facilities at LT-Studio.

At the side of the spray booth they have the paint mixing room. I have never been to a professional body shop like this before, the closest I have been to painting a car is with spray paint cans you purchase from your local DIY car shop. But this is another world. At LT-Studio they have rack after rack with paint in special containers, and special computer equipment to mix the paint for any registered car manufacturer’s colour code.

But with all this great computer stuff and all the other advanced technology they have there, the “toy” that I was most fascinated by was their special torch to mimic sun light. They use this to be able to see the actual colour on a car or a test card when matching paint for a job.

Heikki and his team at LT-Studio are no strangers to German cars. Both Tuukka and Heikki have a long history with BMW and sitting in the corner of the LT-Studio workshop is a Porsche 993 project which has been keeping my Boxster company from the day she got there.


After the coffee was drunk and the pleasant chat was over with, Tuukka put me to work on the Boxster whilst he was prepping the parts that had already been removed from the car ready for paint – the complete car is going to be painted black, just like the front and completed with a custom LT-Studio livery for the 2014 season.

My task for the day – get the side radiators installed with the new supplied Porsche 996 RSR radiator mounts and ducting. This I figured would be a simple task, but as it turned out required a lot of assistance from Tuukka to get completed. But by 14:30 in the afternoon we were done!

As I drove home I reflected on the day and the work that Tuukka had done so far on the car. I have done some composite work in the past and I am sure I will do some more in the future, but Tuukka and the LT-Studio team are artists and have a special connection with this work – you can see their passion in the details. This is what separates an outstanding shop like this one from an every day body shop.

I am honored to have LT-Studio as a sponsor for the 2014 Porsche SportsCup season, and with luck this will be the first of many seasons…

If you are looking for a professional shop in Finland who put their passion into every job, then I am sure that LT-Studio would love to hear from you.

Vaahteramäentie 2 B, 04150 Sipoo
Tel. +358 40 774 0119

SVP decide to continue support for 2014 Porsche SportsCup season



They have been with me from the start, and initially built the Porsche Boxster S that I have been racing in the Porsche SportsCup here in Finland. And I am delighted that the team at Specialist Vehicle Preparations in the UK have agreed to continue supporting me for the 2014 season.

Whilst the Boxster I am racing in the 2014 season is not in the same configuration it was when supplied by SVP, they have been closely involved in every conversion done since CCR Motorsports Engineering took delivery of the car, and have made several trips over to Finland to assist in continued development and testing. If all goes to plan, then SVP are scheduled to be in Finland again for initial tests before the start of the 2014 season.

Established since 2009, SVP’s friendly team of five full-time mechanics, parts manager and full-time master fabricator are at your service for Porsche maintenance and competition preparation of ALL marques. See their website for details of their experience, including their Cayman SV which has been featured in several Porsche publications.



I would like to say a big thank you for the continued support to the team at SVP for the 2014 season…

Continued support from Tarett for the 2014 Porsche SportsCup season



Last year I was honored to get support from the good people at Tarett Engineering over in the US. They supplied new suspension components which greatly improved the Porsche Boxster I run in the Porsche SportsCup here in Finland with Team CoolCava Racing.

I am now pleased to be able to announce that they have agreed to continue this support for the 2014 season and will be working closely with CCR Motorsports Engineering to further improve on the Boxster, which at the moment is with LT-Studio in Sipoo for some work which should be completed by early March.

Tarett Engineering designs and manufactures high-performance suspension components for both club and professional auto racing. They use aircraft-quality materials and hold the highest quality standards to provide their customers with products they can depend on to last and perform up to and beyond their expectations. Tarett’s goal is to provide their customers with high quality performance products at reasonable prices. You can be confident that all of the Tarett products are fully engineered and tested to meet this goal.

Tarett use the latest 3D CAD solid modeling and finite element analysis (FEA) software to insure that all their designs are reliable and optimized for strength, weight, and functionality for the applications that they are designed for.

And last year Tarett also approved CCR Motorsports Engineering here in Finland as an official supplier and installation center for all their products.

I would like to say a big thank you for the continued support to the team at Tarett Engineering for the 2014 season…