Porsche Sports Cup 2014 Season Starts in…

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Schedule for the 2014 Porsche Sports Cup season have been published and the count down to the first race is on…

May 2014

16 – 18/05/2014 – Sports Cup # 1 @ Botniaring

June 2014

07/06/2014 – Sports Cup # 2 @ Ahvenisto

July 2014

12/07/2014 – Sports Cup # 3 @ Kemora

August 2014

22 – 23/08/2014 – Sports Cup # 4 @ Alastaro (Porsche Festival)

September 2014

05 – 07/09/2014 – Sports Cup # 5 @ Mantorp (Sweden)

More details available on the Race Schedule page

See you all for the first race of the 2014 season at Botniaring!

Interesting way to start the 2014 season


After a good result for the 2013 season in the Porsche SportsCup here in Finland I was getting ready for the new season after fun and relaxation with my family at Christmas. It all started good until the weekend when I was having fun with the kids…

All was good and fun and then I took a move that my right leg just did not like – A big bang and I was on the floor! End result – a torn achilles tendon and a damaged calf muscle.Not what I would say is a good start to the new season! I do hope you have had a good start for 2014?