Pål Krogdahl

Chief Technology Officer & Industry technical Leader

"Empowering banks to realise their customers dreams through the use of disruptive innovation and emerging technologies"

I am a CTO & Banking Industry Technical leader for IBM in the Nordics, a public speaker & author, a father and a racing car driver. A seasoned technical leader with a proven track record and experience in taking advantage of the latest technologies to deliver tangible business outcomes with a focus on digital transformation and the emerging platform economy.

My career in IBM started with a focus on the dotcom boom in early 1998, and I have maintained a focus ever since on the alignment and synergy between the corporate world of BigTech and the ever changing world of startups. Having kicked off a number of my own startups and had my share of failures, As a competent Business Architect with a strong technology foundation, I am experienced and sensitive to the skills required in driving successful time critical activities within budget in a changing world whilst managing expectations and stakeholders at every level.

In a world continually disrupted by technology and business models, it is increasing critical to maintain a clear understanding of both industry trends and technology. As such I sit as a member of the IBM Academy of Technology Leadership team focused on the future technologies and platform business models that will impact my clients within banking and financial markets on a global scale, and engage with them on a daily basses as a trusted adviser with repeated success in delivering strategic solutions with a show not tell mantra. I also, act as an advisory to the Nordic FinTech community with a focus on the platform economy and co-creation with Big Tech and existing banks to drive tangible business value for their customers.  

One of my key strengths is my focus on delivering tangible business value and leadership in developing sustainable teams and solutions. My ability to build rapport and credibility with clients is an asset in both marketing and in performing engagements.

If you would like to get in touch, then feel free to reach me via any of the social links provided below. My current bio and CV is my LinkedIn Profile.
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